8 Cricketers got who banned because of illegal bowling action.


Cricket is very well behaved and a gentleman game. Aggressive nature and attitude is not the part of cricket. Cricket is, for the uninitiated, a game steeped in history. It is a game for gentlemen, a game with written rules and unwritten etiquette and ethics. It is the etiquette around the game which makes it different. It is the etiquette that confuses most new cricket followers. In cricket mostly everyone has to follow all the rules and regulations of it. Rules play a major role in cricket. International cricket council banned many cricketers for doing illegal actions like bowling actions. Here we going to talk about cricketers who got banned by ICC just because of their bowling action. 


1. Saeed Ajmal, Pakistan

The right-arm off-spinner of Pakistan, Saeed Ajmal was banned by the organisation in 2014 after the analysis by ICC’s Human Movement Specialists revealed that the player was bending his arm up to 42-44 degrees which is not permissible according to the rules.

saeed ajmal
saeed ajmal


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