14 mind blowing facts about Yorker specialist of india cricket team: Jasprit Bumrah

14 mind blowing facts about Yorker specialist of india cricket team: Jasprit Bumrah
14 mind blowing facts about Yorker specialist of india cricket team: Jasprit Bumrah

A cricketer was in the making, when little Jasprit Bumrah was trying to make sure his mother slept soundly while he was practising to hit the wall’s skirting in order to make less noise. Two years of pinging the wall’s baseboard and of playing cricket in school and in the neighborhood made him realize his own skill.

By then he became a Yorker specialist.  His bowling technique was different and that’s what amazed all the coaches who ever trained him. Luckily, everyone understood that his bowling make him stand out and hence, no one ever tried to change it. His bowling broke all the stereotypes and Jasprit Bumrah is shinning like a rising sun in the Indian cricket squad.

Bumrah’s life didn’t change overnight like a fairytale. He and his family experienced their share of ups and down. Here are some unknown facts about Jasprit Bumrah that will surely double the respect you have for him:

1. 22 year-old Jasprit Bumrah lost his father when he was 7 years old.

2. Bumrah’s mother is a school Principal. A strong lady who single handedly raised her children and helped them follow their dreams.

3. Bumrah’s father, Jasbir Singh, had a chemical business.

4. Jasprit was 14 years old when he decided that he wanted to become a cricketer.

5. His career’s turning point came when he took 7 wickets in his début first class match against Vidarbha in the 2013-14 season.

6.  John Wright (former Mumbai Indian’s coach) was the first one to notice Jasprit’s talent when he was playing for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

7. Amitabh Bachchan is Bumrah’s favorite actor and dhokla is his favorite dish.

8. Jasprit’s teammates call him “JB”.

9. His friends and family say that Bumrah’s calmness is his real strength.

10. Though Jasprit had different bowling techniques like bouncers and Yorkers, he didn’t know how to use them till Malinga helped him make the best use of them.

11. Some people asked him to join a different team but he stuck to Mumbai Indians because he wanted to learn so much more from Malinga.

12. Bumrah’s unorthodox slingy action troubles batsmen during matches. He was also praised by Glen McGrath and was asked not to change his bowling style.

13. Jasprit impressed Dhoni with his technique during the T20 series against Australia and he named him “the find of the tour”. Soon, Bumrah earned a reputation of his own and is now India’s death over specialist.

14. In 2014, Jasprit had knee surgery that broke him down for a while but couldn’t break his spirit. He worked really hard to get his fitness back and started bowling again.


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