Mitali Raj:- These Quotes Show That She Always Refuses To Give Up

Mitali Raj:- Quotes Shown That She Always Refuse To Give Up
Mitali Raj:- Quotes Shown That She Always Refuse To Give Up

Mitali Raj, a name that proven the cricket is not just a game for men, women also can do, the way like men. She is known for the attitude that refuses to give up. Today Mitali raj celebrating her 35th birthday. Here we sharing some inspirational quotes from miltali raj that will be shown to all why she is different from others.

Mitali Raj
Refuse To Give Up
  1. At every stage, the meaning of wearing India jersey changes. When you are the senior player, you have everyone on your shoulders and you can’t let them down. When you are a debutant, you are playing…
  2. In our men’s cricket team, there is no one from railways, but our women have created their own team. It’s like reserving the entire train itself.
  3. These girls have really set the platform for the upcoming generations in India.
  4. We definitely will look into the fact that we don’t lose wickets back-to-back because that puts a lot of pressure on the incoming batters as well as the team. We need to work on our partnerships with batters.

    Mitali Raj
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  5. We have women umpires in India, but if there are male umpires employed we don’t have any problem if we are getting fair decisions.
  6. The girls have really shown a fearless brand of cricket, a very confident brand of cricket.


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