Checkout the nicknames of your favourite Indian cricketer!


Nicknames these days are very common as mostly of us known by our nicknames. Our friends,family or some other close people mostly give us a common nickname. Talk about Indian cricketers our lions look very brave but if you listen their nick names you will laugh for sure. Here are some cricketers who’s nickname you will like the most

8. M.S Dhoni ( Mahi)


As a kid, his family members and close friends used to call him “Mahe” which is short of his name “Mahendra”. But as he started getting popular, fans especially girls started calling him “Mahi”.

7. Hardik Pandya (Rockstar & Hairy)


He has got both nicknames from his teammates for his style. He is called hairy because he keeps on changing his hair style and Rockstar has also become a common name for his style.

6. Suresh Raina (Sonu)


Sonu is a common name for boys here in India and Suresh Raina is one of those whom people loved to call Sonu.

5. Shikhar Dhawan (Gabbar, Jatt)


Shikhar Dhawan got the name Gabbar during his Ranji trophy days as he used to speak the dialogues of Gabbar from Sholay to
boost his team morale. Jatt is another name people love to call him.

4. Ajinkya Rahane (Ajju & Jinx)


Ajinkya Rahane’s nick names have arrived from his original name. Shane Warne used to call him Jinx as an easy option to use while friends and family call him as Ajju.

3. Harbhajan Singh ( Bhajji)


Almost every Indian call harbhajan by his nick name Bhajji. This name is the short form of his name and he is also called as Turbonater. The mix of turban and terminator.

2. Rohit Sharma (Ro, Shaana, Hitman)

shaana, Hitman

Rohit has 3. He is fondly called Ro, Shaana & Hitman by his team members.He is called Ro as a short name to Rohit, Hitman because of his shots and Shaana is a name given by Yuvraj Singh because he thinks Rohit is an intelligent guy.

1. Virat Kohli (Cheeku)


Virat Kohli may be one of the hottest and fittest Indian players right now, but he was quite chubby and had big flashy ears when he was a kid.

As reported, Virat got the nick name, “Cheeku” from one of his Delhi coaches who thought he looked like a “Cheeku” after getting a hair cut.


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