When number 1 batsman meets number 1 Bollywood singer!

virat kohli
virat kohli

If we talk about relationship between cricket and Bollywood than we can say its as strong as nothing.Many actors and singers are friends of many cricketers. In India cricket and Bollywood are mostly like by every individual.

India’s number 1 batsman and captain Virat kohli has a very huge number of Bollywood fan list which shown that how much this guy is been loved by the celebrities of the B-town.If we say his relation with a celebrity and some other connections surely he is a shining diamond of Cricket and Bollywood both.

But this time this star met with the number 1 singer of Bollywood because Virat is a huge fan of this singer.His songs always loved by virat and his voice is so heart touching for him that he cant miss any song of this singer.

Who’s that singer?

Virat is fan of none other than ‘Arijit Singh’ the man with a golden voice and a golden heart. Arijit and virat both met each other in Mumbai and have some chit chat about their interest. Virat have posted a picture with him in his twitter account and he got amazed when he met him.

arijit singh
arijit singh

Look at the tweet


Virat was so happy when he meet his favorite singer and had good meeting with him. Arijit and Virat make a good duo because both are at the top of their fields and both are at the top of the fan followings in India which make both of them happy and special.

Virat also said that no one has captivated him with their voice but Arijit has done it for me.He also said that it was a fanboy boy moment for him which makes his day more special.


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