New Google Doodle Of Indian Explorer Nain Singh Rawat

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Nain Singh Rawat was the first Indian explorer to survey Tibet, and determine the exact location and altitude of Lhasa.

Google on 21 October celebrated the 187th birth anniversary of explorer Nain Singh Rawat with a doodle. He was one of the first of the late 19th century Indian explorers who explored the Himalayas for the British.

Google’s Doodle portrays Rawat as he might have looked on his travels, in the doodle he is looking back over the distances he had walked, rosary beads in hand, and staff by his side.

Rawat was born in 1830 and belonged to the Johar Valley of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. He was the first person to find the location and altitude of Lhasa. He mapped the course of Tsangpo river and the trading route between Nepal and Tibet.

map china tibet
The route covered by Nain Singh Rawat during his last journey.

He determined the accurate location and altitude of Lhasa, mapped the Tsangpo and described in mesmerizing detail fabled sites such as the gold mines of Thok Jalung.

“He maintained a precisely measured pace, covering one mile in 2000 steps, and measured those steps using a rosary. He hid a compass in his prayer wheel and mercury in cowrie shells and even disguised travel records as prayers,” Google said.

More Facts About Nain Singh Rawat-

Nain Singh Rawat

– He was awarded the Patron’s Medal in 1877 by the Royal Geographical Society for all his explorations.

– A book on Nain Singh Rawat titled ‘Asia Ki Peeth Par’ (On the Back of Asia) was published in 2006.

– After passing out of school, he visited different places in Tibet with his father. There he learned the Tibetan language, customs and this knowledge of local customs and language helped Nain Singh Rawat in becoming an explorer.

– Rawat died of a heart attack while visiting Jagir, a village which was gifted to him by the British, in 1895.

Watch the video to know more about Nain Singh Rawat:


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