India 100th Rank In World Bank’s Ease Of Doing Business Index


India is a country of different ethnicity. India became one of the fastest growing major economies and is considered a newly industrialized country many famous IT companies and small and big business growing have kept their strong hold.The best thing is that making money in India has become easier because India has reached from 142 to 100th position. This information was given by fiance minster Arun Jatiley.

Jaitley said that even in matters of small investors, India has joined the five countries of the world. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on tuesday that in the matter of doing business in the Modi Government, India There is tremendous improvement. He said in a press conference, “In 2014 we were ranked 142nd in terms of business facilitation which has now come down to 100th place. Referring to the World Bank, Jaitley said that the investment environment in the country is good. At the same time, he said that even in the matter of keeping the attention of small investors, India has joined the five countries of the world. Arun Jaitley said that the last three years has been showing the effect of economic reforms. In terms of tax, India has reached 119th position.

Significantly, World Bank has said in its report that India’s trade facilitation ranking has improved by 30 points to 100th position. According to World Bank, improving the ranking of India by implementing eight out of 10 indicators of ease-of-trade. World Bank also said that GST implementation has not been included in India’s business facilitation racking, its impact should be included next year.It is very good for our country there will be employment opportunities for many people in this area.


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