If You Are Not Using Microwave Properly, You Should Be Alert !!!


Nowadays microwave has become very important for us whether its for hot food whenever you are busy used microwave for food. children’s lunch or office lunch microwave is used everywhere but according to a recent research, due to a microwave cooked meal it can be dangerous for us.Currently microwave is being used in most people’s kitchen. Why not? Microwave is such a product that saves time and effort. You can cook in it, warm the food, boil the milk, and even make a popcorn while watching the picture.

careful! microwave eating hot food can be caused for Dangerous diseases.
By heating the food in microwave the present nutrition are  in it destroyed. The microwave warms the food with high radiation, which breaks the chemical and molecular bond of food.

What The Research Says  

According to a study by a Swiss scientist heating the food in Microwave, the present in it are destroyed. The microwave warms the food with high radiation, which breaks the chemical and molecular bond of food. As a result food becomes dangerous radioactive compounds.

In most research, it has been said that due to eating in the microwave oven, your immune system weakens many times and may also lead to congenital disorders.

Congenital disorder i.e. the diseases or problems that begin when the child is growing in the mother’s body.

Continued use of microwave increases the risk of cancer. If someone eats cooked or hot food in the microwave for a long time, then his body comes into contact with viral and bacterial infections.

It is also revealed in a research that some people also get high BP using microwave.

Microwave losses are definitely, but does not mean that you should not use this superior invention. You can definitely give the microwave space in your kitchen because many research has also mentioned the advantages of using it. Yes, it is most important to use it properly and safely.

Some tips for how to use microwave properly 

Do not cook or heat the children’s food in the microwave.Use microwave to make vegetables instead of processed meat or snacks.Do not heat breast milk in the microwave.
Do not heat water or other liquids in microwave for longer periods of time. By the way, microwave must be completely avoided by heating liquids.so if you are using microwave properly you keep away from these kind of things.

Awaaz Nation Does not confirm for any any research. Contact your doctor for more information regarding microwave.


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