National Youth Day:- The Bright Coming Future Of India

National Youth Day:- The Bright Coming Future Of India
National Youth Day:- The Bright Coming Future Of India

The National Youth Day has been celebrated every year on 12 January – from 1985 it has been an indelible part of India’s tradition. Incidentally, this was also the day when Swami Vivekananda, one of the greatest social reformers, thinkers, and philosophers of India, was born. In fact, the Indian government had declared back in 1984 that Swamiji’s birthday would be celebrated as the National Youth Day.

Why do we celebrate youth day?

As you know the development of the nation is depending on the development of youth. The younger generation is more creative, energetic, hardworking and innovative. That’s why they are great in technologies, sports, business, education, health and politics. Today’s youth will be future doctors, sports personalities, entrepreneurs, educator, and leaders. Even economic development is highly depending on young generation efforts.  So, it is highly important for any country to help, support, encourage, and inspire the young generation in their personal and career development. That’s why the national youth day is celebrated in India and in other countries every year.

National Youth Day
National Youth Day

How is youth day celebrated?

On 12th January, Government and non- governmental organization, schools, college and people celebrate national youth day in India by doing various social and personal development activities. Such as following:

  • On this day people donate blood in Blood Donation Camps opened by organizations.
  • Schools and colleges organize speech contest and group discussion on the life of Swami Vivekananda.
  • To inspire, educate young generation of India, TV programs, news, leader’s interview, speech, debates etc. you can see more on national youth day.
  • On national youth day, our Indian leaders teach us lessons of responsibility, unity, development and inspire us to take action towards our goals with dedication and hard work.
  • On youth day people share quotes, wallpaper, photos of Swami Vivekananda on social media like Facebook and Twitter. And people like me also learn and write about Swami Vivekananda that help all of us to celebrate and encourage the youth of India to their personal development goals.

Challenges in front of youths of India!

Challenges in front of youths of India
Challenges in front of youths of India
  • Youths of India is known for their creativity, self-confidence, integrity, patriotism. Swami Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh, Chander Shekar Azad, Sukh Dev, Rajguru etc. all did great sacrifices in their personal life for India when they are young. All our freedom fighters and spiritual leaders are great and inspire us to do what we’re capable to do and most of us are doing and achieving the success that we want in our life.
  • But today’s time most of us are forgetting the quotes, sayings of our great leaders. And we’re becoming selfish. This selfishness is converting into corruption and pollutions etc. And we all are following this day and part of this. Following are the challenges in front of youth of India:-
  • Career development (jobs, business) by using outdated and theoretical knowledge produced by universities, colleges. And we know about it when companies ignore our degree and theoretical knowledge. It’s obvious that companies hire for the job only updated and practical students. So, it’s a challenge in front of youths in India.



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