New safety calendar released on Twitter

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Social media is a way through which we talk about our own and reach out to others, in the social media, Whats App, Facebook, and Twitter, Twitter are the medium of social media, which are used by ordinary people, celebrities, but somewhere It is also being misused. And in which twitter is a medium that has millions of users, and in which celebrate is also very close. But the biggest challenge in any social media is its security in order to make it more secure.

Twitter has released a new Safety Calendar, which will cover upcoming changes in the company’s rules about hate propaganda and misuse. To make your platform safer, Twitter has released a new safety calendar, which is a hate-propaganda It is also mentioned in the calendar that how people who violate the rules, how Twitter interacts with them and how the enforcement process works. Twitter has a total of 32.8 million users, and its platform is often criticized for posting hate or objectionable content.

The company said in a blog post” As we said last week, we are engaged in trying to make Twitter a safe place.

Although this is not an instant process, we are committed to correct it. It said since today you will get real-time information about our progress. Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey recently said in a tweet that the continuous interpretation and implementation of our rules is our objective. We have given priority to this work.


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