Watch Horrific Videos: How The Obsession Of ‘Selfie’ Led To deaths

selfie tragedies
A study between March 2014 and September 2016 found that 60 per cent of all “selfie deaths” occurred in India.

No doubt, people love taking selfies. A selfie however should not cost you your life, which is unfortunately happening now a days. A lot of people are dying because of Selfie craze. Watch these 5 horrific videos where people died while taking selfies.

1. This video will definitely give you goose bumps!

2. An Indian teen was trying to take a selfie with gun. He accidently shoots himself while posing with a gun. He later died of his injuries.

3. Here in Jodhpur a  tourist poses with a cobra for a selfie and dies within an hour after getting bitten by the snake. Watch the horrific video:

4. 8 friends died after their boat capsized in Vena dam, Maharashtra, India. Some of the passengers, gathered on one side of the boat while they were doing their Facebook live. Suddenly the boat tipped as all had gathered on one side for a selfie, resulting in the death of eight out of the 11 people.

Watch their last Facebook live video, Just after this video eight friends died:

5. A young girl died after falling into the sea while clicking a selfie in Mumbai. You will not be able to control after watching this video.

A study  between March 2014 and September 2016 found that 60 per cent of all “selfie deaths” occurred in India.

Watch report: India has most selfie deaths:

According to the study titled Me, Myself and My Killfile: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths- India has world’s highest number of selfie deaths, accounting for more than 60 per cent of reported fatalities.

The craze of clicking selfie has cost lives of people several times. We must realize that the ‘selfie’ trend is getting out of hand.

What are your views on Selfie mania? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section!


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