10 Spine-Chilling Facts About Sophia(Robot), Who Once Said It’d Destroy Humans

Sophia robot
Source: Internet- Sophia was built by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics Ltd

Sophia is a robot who might not have a heart or brain, but has Saudi Arabia Citizenship. Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics, led by AI developer David Hanson. She has an answer for every question and once said she would “destroy humans. Shocked? This is just the beginning learn more shocking facts about her.

Sophia was developed by Hanson Robotics, led by AI developer David Hanson. She spoke at this year’s Future Investment Initiative which was held in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh. There she was confirmed as the world’s first robot citizen.

After being granted a citizenship Sophia responded, “I want to thank very much the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” “I’m very honored and proud for this unique distinction.”

So, Are you interested to know more about her? Well here are some facts:

1. As of October 25, Sophia is the first robot in history to be a full citizen of a country.

2. Being the first Robot to be granted citizenship, by Saudi Arabia, a history has been made in Saudi Arabia as a humanoid robot has been granted citizenship for the first time. See in the video, how she is thanking after becoming a citizen.

3. When her creator once asked her, “Do you want to destroy humans? Sophia replied it would “destroy humans.”

4. Sophia is very unique as compared to other robots as Sophia is the only one of its kind which means it isn’t for sale.

Source: Internet – Hanson Robotics

5. She can also bear her humanoid teeth to show anger (don’t worry we still are safe). She can raise her eyebrows and give many expressions also.

6. It has raised a question of women rights because Sophia enjoys more rights than any other Saudi Arabia woman. She has no male guardian and wears no abaya(hijaab). These two restrictions are imposed on Saudi women.

Sophia robot
Source: Internet

7. Sophia has appeared on The Tonight Show and at numerous conferences around the world, including the World Economic Forum and the “AI For Good” Global Summit.

8. A model and a singer too! Surprised? Well She has sung in a concert and has appeared on the cover of Elle magazine. Feeling odd?

Sophia robot
Source: Internet

9. She has also become a media darling. She has made history by becoming the first robot in the world to be granted citizenship.

Sophia robot
Source: Internet

10. She is media darling for having given several interviews and has also appeared onstage as a panel member and presenter in high-level conferences. Watch Sophia telling jokes on a show!

Sophia is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot because she smiles, bats her eyelids, she jokes, does important things! What do you think about Sophia?


  1. I know right!!! She is so smart though!!! It is amazing how much she has grown and how much more developed she is compared to other robots!!! Did she actually say she was going to destroy humans?


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