Few Important Things Indian Parents Should Start Following

Parenting tips
Parenting is a tough job.

Indian parents have unique identity. They instill fundamental, cultural and religious values into their children right from their childhood and Indian parents are extremely sensitive towards their children.

There is no doubt parents want to do a lot for their kids. However, there are certain things that parents should never do when bringing up children. For a healthy relationship with kids here are few things that Indian Parents should follow these things…

1. Value Independence

Indian Parents should learn
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Many parents do not give their children freedom. They start controlling their children’s life and also their activities. This is not the best way to deal with children because it makes them feel stress.

Parents should help their children in taking decisions but should not impose their decisions on them. Make them strong and teach children to solve their problems in future. Give them choice to choose their college, university and career by themselves only.

2. Encouraging start-ups

Indian Parents should learn
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Many Indian parents have a thinking that by achieving excellence in academics only can bring money and success to their children.  Indian parents are only bothered about academics of their children. They should start giving importance to play time and allow their children to think differently about their way for earning money and success.

In India there are very few children who would say that they want to become an entrepreneur. Why? Because their parents are bothered about their marks and academic performance only.

3. It is okay to be an average student

Indian Parents should learn
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Not every child is naturally gifted in studies. But that doesn’t mean that child is a complete zero and has no future. May be he or she is gifted in something else, in music or painting?

It is important to know that apart from doctors, engineers etc there are other careers also. So, let the children pursue their own dreams because they have their own aspirations in life.

4. Stop comparing your child

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Comparison damages their self-esteem and makes them feel worthless. This only demotivates them to an extend that will  be depressed and develop jealousy. It may damage child-parents relationship. Because of this kids start to under-estimate their own capabilities and it creates a lot of issues and slowly they will start losing self-confidence.

No two children are the same because they have different talents, interests, dreams  and strengths. So, always provide unconditional support and love to your kids. Tell them that they are important to you…


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