April Fools’ day: 5 Hilarious Pranks To Make You Laugh On The Silliest Day Of The Year


It is April Fool’s Day on 1st of April & you all must be preparing some hilarious pranks to play on friends, family members and bitter enemies. As we know April Fool’s is one of the best days of the year, So, we have compiled best prank videos from yoututbe that  will unleash your inner evil genius.

Trust us, these videos show some of the most jaw-dropping pranks ever played, and have racked up millions of views on Youtube. Are you ready? Let’s get started..

4. HaHaHa Fake Celebrity Prank, VIRAT KOHLI

3. What if a dead person comes in your way like this?


2. Got ya! Prank is hilarious ! What do you think?

1. Killer Clown 3 – The Uncle! Scare Prank!

Which Prank Did You Like Most? You can also share more #AprilFoolsDay quotes & jokes in the comments section!


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