These 4 Mistakes Can Now Land Whatsapp Group Admins In Jail!

Whatsapp warning
Whatsapp warning

If you also use WhatsApp and are the admin of a Whatsapp Group, then ignoring this news can cost you. The administrators, also known as ‘admins’, are the ones who control who can be a member of a WhatsApp chat group. Multiple persons can also be admins for one group. The Police of Parbhani district of Maharashtra, on behalf of the Whatsapp Group, issued some warning which you must know.

Whatsapp Alert
Whatsapp Alert

There are some mistakes that can lead you to jail if you are WHATSAPP group admin. Police have said that there should be ban on such content, which can spread tension in the society. Police have told Group Admins to monitor who is posting what in the group. In any message, there should not be any content in text, audio or video which can cause any kind of tension.

This warning has been released by the police of Parbhani district in Maharashtra. However, these mistakes are such that if any group admin does them in our country, the police can arrest him. We are telling you, those 4 mistakes that a group admin must avoid in order to prevent arrest.

Let’s know what are the conditions for whatsapp group admin.


* In the group, there should not be any content related to caste or religion that can hurt others. This rule will apply to all formats of video, photos, audio and text.

* Your group should not share any derogatory content in the form of texts, pictures or audio and video clips, about iconic or historical figures, places of worship, anything that may hurt religious sentiments, or anything promoting sedition & social disharmony.

* Content that provokes feelings of any caste or religion should not be shared.

* There should not be a photo, video, or text share with obscene content.

Dilip Zalke told PTI that police took this step after incidents of defamatory content going viral through WhatsApp were reported recently. If any objectionable content is found to be circulated on a WhatsApp group, offences under the IPC as well as the Information Technology Act will be registered.

This is how India’s favourite messaging app is turning into a rumour mill! 


* A WhatsApp forward has been doing the rounds following the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir. Well, this information is wrong and jst a rumour because IPC Section 233 relates to counterfeiting currency and says ‘Whoever makes or buys, sells or disposes of any die or instrument for the purpose of counterfeiting coin, shall be punished with imprisonment and shall also be liable to a fine.’

* UNESCO declares PM Modi best Prime Minister

* UNESCO declares Jana Gana Mana best national anthe

* New 2000 notes have a GPS chip to detect black money

* WhatsApp profile pictures can be used by ISIS for terror activities

The list is never ending. Before you fall prey to these rumours, just check it twice on internet and valid sources.

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